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My Intro to Digital Painting course is now open for Enrollment!

Intro to Digital Painting- Jump into the world of digital painting with 20-year veteran illustrator Scott Johnson!  This intensive course tackles both sides of digital art. Each week you will learn basic art lessons that can be applied to any medium, as well as digital techniques specific to painting in Photoshop with a pressure sensitive tablet.

Here are the course details: http://www.comicsexperience.com/course/introduction-to-digital-painting/

"I had the the fantastic opportunity to take Scott Johnson’s Digital Painting through Comics Experience last year and was blown away with not only his extensive knowledge of digital painting and color theory, but also his ability to effectively pass on his knowledge in an online classroom environment. I am a professional instructional designer and teacher by day, and I was especially impressed with how Scott structured his class to facilitate learning. I had always know he was an amazingly talented digital painter, but it turns out he is also a fantastic instructor! I learned a lot from the class and have continued to use and enjoy the digital painting techniques I learned from Scott for personal projects and freelance work. Great class!"

- Kevin Volo, colorist for the Eisner Award Nominated, Meteor Men by Jeff Parker & Sandy Jarrell.


When Use of my artwork goes horribly Wrong




Common conversation I have with well-meaning relatives:

"Hey Scott, is this your artwork on this t-shirt?
"No, that's Jack Kirby's art."
"Is he a friend of yours?"
"No, uh...no."
"What about this artwork? Is this yours?"
"No, that's John Romita's art."
"Do you know him?"
"No. All this stuff is classic Marvel art, from before I was born."
"Oh, okay. What about this?"
"John Buscema. He's dead."
"How can you tell who the artist is if there's no signature?"
"I just know from the style."
"Well I don't see a difference...what about this?"
"Yes! That one is mine, I think."
"You think?" 
"Well they make a lot of changes to stuff after I work on it..."
"You mean you can tell Jack Romita's work just by looking at it but you don't remember your own?"
"Jack Kir...sigh...yeah."


Ha! My Artwork is Vindicated!

HA! I am vindicated! Back in the ’90s, I worked for a screen printer doing custom artwork. After designing the illustration, I had to hand-stipple the color separations on sheets of vellum so they could burn the screens. (Seriously.) When I created this artwork to sell to the snowmobile market, a lady in the office criticized my art because “the moon is never that big” and “the moon isn’t that color.” Below is a photo of the actual printed sweatshirt that I’ve kept in my closet for the last 15 years. Also shown here is NASA’s “Astronomy Photo of the Day” taken last night over a town in Sweden. Ha! I say HA! to you, office lady who doubted me! (As a side note, this sweatshirt was a huge seller for the company, so I had already felt vindicated. But whatever. HA!)  :)